Sellars über Kohärentismus

„[…] I do wish to insist that the metaphor of „foundation“ is misleading in that it keeps us from seeing, that if there is a logical dimension in which other empirical propositions rest on observation reports, there is another logical dimension, in which the latter rest on the former.
Above all, the picture is misleading because of its static character. One seems forced to choose between the picture of an elephant which rests on a tortoise (What supports the tortoise?) and the picture of a great Hegelian serpent of knowledge with its tail in its mouth (Where does it begin?). Neither will do. For empirical knowledge, like its sophisticated extension, science, is rational, not because it has a foundation but because it’s a self-correcting enterprise which can put any claim into jeopardy, though not all at once.“

aus:  Wilfried Sellars – Empiricism & the Philosophy of Mind, Harvard University Press


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